On a playful way children learn to be comfortable in the water. Move like a dolphin in undeep water (start of diving) or jumping through a “chimney” (pool float). The easiest way to learn for children. We also focus on survival assignments; falling in the water and swim back or swim under a boat. The children love attributes like the boat!

Within swimming school Aquayara your child (from 4 years) will be swimming for their Survival A-, B- or C- swimming certificate, this is a diploma more specialized on real situations. We believe that the children become better and safer swimmers in addition to all normal requirements due to the additional requirements of the International swimming certificate from the ENVOZ. As a result we offer more quality, duet o the additional requirements, within the same period. You can participate the lessons at our swimmingschool in Almere Muziekwijk, Almere Tussen de Vaarten or Lelystad.

After almost 20 years of experience, we know that many parents want their child to quickly obtain a swimming certificate. We also know that every child will need their own time to be comfortable in the water and learn the right techniques. One child will take 10 months, while the other can take 2 years. This all has to do with the mobility, any fears and concentration. For more progression we regularly organize extra swimming activities such as a holiday course, parent&child practicing and extra swimming lessons.

We also guarantee that children will receive their swimming certificate within 18 months of swimming education (66 swimming lessons). Read more about “diploma guarantee”.

The advantages of swimming lessons at swimming school Aquayara:

  • Small groups (A diploma a max. 9 or B&C diploma max. 12)
  • You can easily follow the progress online
  • Every week the same teacher
  • Additional activities will be organized to advantage the learning process
  • Short waiting time: 4 – 8 weeks (direct flow after a exam tot he next level or when comming from an other swimmingschool).
  • Diploma guarantee
  • Swimming via JSF (or other subsidy)
  • Possibility for a cheaper fee for children who are 4 years old
  • A REAL safe swimming level fort he A-, B- or C certificate focused on real situations (International Surivival Certificates).

During school rate at age of 4 yeWe have a reduced rate for children at the age of 4 who want to/can swim during school time. You pay € 10,00 less per month than the regular contribution! It is also possible to swim with your 4 year old after schooltime, then he/she will swim for the regular rate (see our page: Prices” for all actual fees).

When does your child swim during school time? 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday untill 14:30 PM. Wednesday untill 12:30 PM. 

At which location?
The swimming lessons are given in Almere Muziekwijk (not on Thursday and Sunday), Almere Tussen de Vaarten and Lelystad. 

Costs: see our page: Prices” for all actual fees

Is it possible to do a trial lesson? 
It is not possible to do a trial lesson to see if your child is ready to participate the swimming classes. One lesson is not enough to judge whether your child is ready. Young children often have to get used to the situation and after a few lessons they come along well with the lessons. If after a few lessons the instructor notices that your child is too young to participate than she/he will give an personal advise. This can be to wait a little while. In that case the subscription can be paused immediately. 

At the age of 4 years the diplomaguarantuee does not run yet. Your child does swim for the A diploma and can examinate if he/she satisfies all requirements. The diplomaguarantuee will run from the moment your child is 5 years old. Children with the age of 4 years are often more playful and their mobility is less developed than a 5 years old child. That is why we can not guarantee that a child of 4 years will get their diploma in a time frame of 1,5 years (it can be less, but it also can be longer).

snelstartcursus zwemles

Almere Muziekwijk
Operetteweg 102
1323 VE Almere

Almere Tussen de Vaarten
Carel Willinklaan 75
1328 LJ Almere

Lelystad (Hanzeborg)
Koningsbergstraat 201
8232 DC Lelystad

We are available by phone on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Wednesday and Friday between 09:30 AM and 6:00 PM. And on Saturday between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. During the school holidays, we are happy to help you only by e-mail.