Advanced swimming (zwemvaardigheid)

Is your child not finished learning after the ABC diploma? Then we offer lessons for the advanced swimming diploma 1, 2 and 3. This is called the swordfish diploma and is introduced to various swimming and competition skills such as turning points, survival (saving) swimming and butterfly stroke. During the classes there is also improvement in condition. A C-diploma is required to participate these lessons.

The diploma’s called the “Swordfish series” (from the ENVOZ). You can obtain a bronze (1), silver (2) and a gold (3) diploma. The classes are organized on the Tuesday or Friday in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. The duration of the lessons is 45 minutes. Costs: see our page: Prices” for all actual fees

Waiting time: 4 – 12 weeks. After obtaining a C diploma at Aquayara direct flow is possible.

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Explanation of advanced swimming classes

During the lessons, a lot of use is made of various materials: a ball, the sail, pilon, flexibeam, plastic bags and more. This makes the swimming diploma very diverse and therefore also very nice. During the lessons you can wear swimming glasses. During the classes you have to open your eyes often under water and then the glasses are very pleasant. The swimming glasses are not used when the children are swimming with clothes or doing exercises with the ball.

New strokes are learned such as the butterfly stroke, composite backstroke and also turning points. Competition swimming part: the crawling strokes will be improved and real competition breathing will be taught. Ball skills: here you learn to throw and catch in the water. Survival part: you have to swim under water through the hole with your clothes on, transport a fellow swimmer or help each other climb out the water. Underwater orientation: where you find your way underwater by swimming from pilon to pilon at a depth of 2 meters, surfacing a doll in deep water and you learn to make a double head forward.

A few examples bronze requirements:
With clothes: 5 meters underwater on the back, start from the side 10 meters underwater on the stomach. Without extra clothing: make 2 rolls forward, swim 25 meter front crawl, competition stroke front, learn butterfly stroke, a competition start, turning points and composite backstroke.

A few examples silver requirements:
With clothing: start in the water and swim 7 meters under water on the stomach en then on the back. Without extra clothing: 25 meter butterfly stroke, improved race start, butterfly turning point, longer distances than Bronze.

A few examples gold requirements:
With clothes: rescue jump, rescue fellow student, various transport handles. Without extra clothing: 15 meters underwater on the stomach, longer distance than silver, catching and throwing a polo ball with one hand to a fellow student.