Aquafun is a swimming activity at Aquayara. The name of this activity already describes it all. For children who don’t want to stop swimming there is Aquafun! This swimming activity is suitable for both boys as girls who are in the possession of the A, B and C diploma up to 12 years old.

At Aquafun, every 6 weeks other activities are offered. The activities are:
– Waterpolo
– Snorkeling
– Swimming rescuing
– Competitive swimming (techniques)
– Relay
– Survival

The actual costs you can find on our page “prices“At each of these activities will be worked on the condition. So it is a real sports hour with a lot of fun. The lessons fort he Christmas and summer holidays is disco swimming. Aquafun is given on the Wednesday 18:15 PM and Friday 19:00 PM in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. The duration of the lessons are 60 minutes. A trial lesson is possible!

Costs: The actual costs you can find on our page “prices“.  Waiting time: around 4 – 8 weeks. But sometimes we get a possibility open, please contact us if your child would like to start immediately. 


Aquasport for children is an advanced version of Aquafun where it is also possible to obtain various diplomas or certificates, such as the snorkel diploma (1, 2 or 3), Dophin series (life-saving swimming for bronze, silver or gold), distance series (competition swimming 200 – 5000 meter) or a seascooter diploma (1, 2 or 3). De classes are based on fun and condition (a real sport hour). And you also work towards various diplomas.

Participation is possible for children who obtain their A, B and C diploma (and at least 12 years old) or if younger they need to have at least the advances swimming diploma level 3 (swordfish 3) diploma. The classes are given on the Friday at 18:15 PM in Almere Tussen de Vaarten.

Costs: The actual costs you can find on our page “prices
Cost per diploma: € 10,00
Waiting time: 4 – 12 weeks.