Baby/toddler survival swimming in Almere

On Wednesday- and Friday mornings you are welcome to participate in our baby/toddler survival swimming. Baby/toddler swimming is organized in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. All children in the ages between 4 months until 3 years can participate. The lesson takes half an hour and consists of exercises and songs, during which you and your child can enjoy the water. After class you can swim together for another 15 minutes.

The exercises are focused on making children comfortable in the water in a playful way. Going under water and swimming together with their parents or grandparents really helps to take the edge of! Survival exercises are also offered such as going into the water with clothes on.

During the playful lessons the children are also getting prepared for the “real” swimming lesson, by starting on beginner techniques. Some examples are floating on the back and stomach or the start of the leg stroke. Together with mom and dad they will practice it all!

Costs: see our page: Prices” for all actual fees
Waiting time: immediate start is possible 

Diplomas and swimming after toddler lessons

In the week before the summer holidays and before the Christmas holidays there will be a little examination as a means for encouragement. Children will receive the “on the way to” or “Teddy” certificates (bronze, silver or gold).

Children who have followed the toddler lessons with us, do not have to go on the waiting list when they reach the age of 4. They can immediately move on to the regular lessons for the A certificate. If your prefer this, you need to make this known to the instructor yourself.

If you would like to take a free trial lesson, you can click on the button “request free trial lesson”. We will invite you as soon as possible in our swimming pool in Almere!