Terms and conditions

  1. Organizing company instantie:
    Zwemschool Aquayara B.V. (henceforth be known as Aquayara) is located in Almere, Operetteweg 102, 1323 VE  ALMERE. Is registered in the commercial register of the “Kamer van Koophandel” te Almere / Lelystad under the holding of Aquayara B.V. with kvk number 39094648. BTW indentificatienr: 817862110. 
  2. Training requirements for swimming diplomas: 
    Aquayara trains for various swimming diplomas in accordance with the Regulations / Guidelines and Examprograms; Swimming diplomas of the ENVOZ. The swimming school is a recognized training and examination institute which is supervised by the ENVOZ.
  3. Costumer registration
    3.1     A registration will be processed after the registration form has been completely filled in, send to us and the registration fee has been paid. 
    3.2     Aquayara reserves the right to make changes to the schedule of the swimming lessons in terms of day and time.

  4. Parking policy:
    Parking must be on the terrain of Aquayara or at the Mosque (Almere Tussen de Vaarten). In Lelystad the parking lot is not owned by Aquayara and you must park in the indicated zones. In Almere Stad you must park in the parking spaces or at the grass strip. 
    4.2     If you come by bicycle, place it in the designated bicycle racks, and not in any other place.
  5. Payments: 
    The tuition fees are collected by direct debit on the first of the concerned month. If it is not possible to collect, you will receive a reminder within two weeks. In this case, additional costs of € 2,50 will be charged. If the subsequent payment is not made within a period of two weeks, we are forced to no longer admit your child to the swimming classes. 
    5.2     Contribution other than by direct debit: i you choose to transfer the contribution independently each month, the correct amount must always be transferred to the bank account of the swimming school before the first of the new month. You will not receive an invoice for this. With a payment between the 1st day and 15th day of the new month there will be € 2,50 additional costs charged. A payment between the 16th and 31st of the month there will be charged additional costs of € 5,00. Aquayara is always entitled to refuse a student acces to swimming lessons if the payment is not made on time.
    5.3     The tuition fee is based on 44 lessons or (with two lessons per week) 88 lessons per year. So you pay an average, fixed amount every month (or quarter). By example: some months will have 5 weeks of swimming lessons and the other time 3 weeks. However, the amount remains the same! In the summer period, Aquayara is closed for three of the six weeks during the summer (school) holidays. You also pay tuition fees in these months, this is due to the average annual amount the we use. 
    5.4     Settlement in case of absence due to illness, longer than three lessons, will take place on the basis of a certificate from a doctor or health care provider, if passed on time. Settlement afterwards is not possible. 
    5.5 Cancellation of swimming lessons for children in a group of max. 2 or private lessons (1 on 1) must be notified 48 hours in advance at the swimming school so that settlement can take place. Cancellations within 48 hours or afterwards are not eligible for a refund. Cancellation must always be indicated in writing (by e-mail).   
    5.6      If the lessons can not take place due to a technical defect or something similar, we will try to inform you in time. In both cases the lesson(s) will be deducted from the payment next term or we will make a possibility to catch up the lesson.
  6. Notice period: The cancellation must be made in writing, whereby the notice period is 1 month from the moment we receive the cancellation.
  7. Code of conduct:
    The student should be ready and dressed up a few minutes before the start of the lesson, so that the swimming lesson can start on time. The student will be taken from the dressing rooms by the instructor and brought back to the showers (in Muziekwijk to the dressingroom). The parents/supervisors are responsible for the safety of their children in the dressingroom and the rest of the building before and after the swimming lesson. When a student appears later than 10 mintes of the starting time of the swimming lesson, the lesson will be noted as absent. If the swimming lesson shows up after 20 minutes, the student can be refused. 
    7.2     It is forbidden to smoke and / or consume alcohol in the entire Aquayara building and terrain. 
    7.3     From the moment you want to enter the dressing rooms, shoes are prohibited regarding to hygiene. You are requested to place them in the racks next to the door of the dressing room. This applies not only to the children, but certainly also to the parents/supervisor. Please leave strollers, buggies, etc. outside the dressing rooms. 
    7.4     Fathers should go to the men’s dressing room with their children, mothers to the women’s dressing room. 
    7.5     Children who are in the building but don’t participate the swimming classes should be watched by parents / supervisors. Noise nuisance must be limited. 
    7.6     Wearing jewelry (including earrings) is prohibited during the swimming lessons
  8. 7.7      The taking of photos or video is on the premisses not allowed except for the first lesson and the exam.
  9. 7.8     Visitors of Aquayara must adhere to these rules of conduct (6.1 to 6.6) and must strictly follow all instructions given by Aquayara staff. Repeated behavior of not following these points/rules can lead to immediate termination of the swimming activity without the right for any repayment of tuition fees already paid. Aquayara reserves the right to deny entering Aquayara’s building and terrain/grounds if the code of conduct violated. Verbal and physical violence, discriminatory behavior and threats to employees or other visitors are not tolerated. In the cases the police will always be called.

  10. 8. Liability Aquayara:

    The management of Aquayara is not liable for the loss and/or damage of your personal belongings within / outside the swimming pool area. 

Privacy protection:
All personal or confidential information is treated with respect for the privacy of Aquayara costumers. Unless Aquayara is required to do so by law. 

Final provision:
By sending the registration, the registering parent/supervisor declares to be known and to agree with these general terms and conditions.