Diploma guarantee regular lessons A diploma

For children who swim at our swimming school, we guarantee that children will receive their diploma within 18 months (66 followed swimminglessons) of swimming education. If this is not the case the contribution will stop after the 66th lesson and your child may continue to participate on our costs (for free). The only thing still owed are the trial and exam costs of € 40,00.

Requirements to be eligible:

  • Only applies for children from 5 years old;

  • A child must be able to participate/keep up with a regular group. For example: is your child very anxious, does he/she have difficulty with mobility or quickly distracted (or any other reason why he/she can not keep up the level of the grouplessons);

  • Valid for lessons once a week, the period is not halved if children swim twice a week or change of period by attending extra classes;

  • A child must have been present at least 90%.

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Fast courses B and C diploma guarantee

We also have a diploma guarantee for our fast courses for the B and C diplomas. If your child does not succeeds within the agreed time. Then your child will continue at our costs until the concerning diploma has been obtained.


  • 100% attendance (with the fastcourse A diploma a maximum of 2 lessons may be missed);

  • If your child comes from another swimming school, a testlesson is required. For the fastcourse A, a testlesson is mandatory anymay. This way we can estimate if the fastcourse is achievable for your son/daughter.