1. How do I register my child for the next diploma / fast course? 

If your child is allowed to take the exam, he/she will receive a form after the selection lesson. On this form you can indicate what your child would like after obtaining the diploma like: regular B/C lessons, fast courses, workshop or stop with swimming. You must submit the form immediately after the selection/test swimming upstairs at the reception. 

2. Can I have my child to try a swimming lesson? 
No experience in swimming lessons: A trial lesson to see if your child is ready to participate if unfortunately not possible. One lesson to see if you child is ready, is not enough, they need to get used to the new situation. For more information look at this page. 

If your child had already some experience in swimming lesson; like you are moved from another city or you are not satisfied with your current swimming school: then it is possible to take a test lesson to see what level he/she can be classified with us. Check out this page for more information. 

3. Is my child ready to take swimming lessons?

Most children are ready to participate swimming classes form the age of 5 years. The mobility skills are stronger and they understand more that they have to listen to the instructor (4 years old are more playful). Sometimes a child is so shy, anxious or does not quite understand how to controle her/his arms and legs. Then it is useful to wait a while. Each child is unique, where one chid is ready from the age of 4 the other from the age of 6. You know your child best, you can go swimming at a swimming pool and see how he/she reacts to the water. Was that very difficult? Then the advice is to start swimming a lot with each other!

4. Why does my child swim in shallow water?
The base of the technique always starts in shallow water. In level 2/3 it is also nice to swim in shallow water, because the instructor can help with the technique while all children are practicing (instead of waiting on the side). For higher levels, you can also practice in undeep water for technique strokes or crawl. 

5. When can my child go examine for the diploma? It takes a very long time.
If your child is taking lessons longer than we expected, we will always inform you. A child takes average 1,5 years from the age of 5 to obtain their A diploma (some 10 months, other 2 years). Each child learns at his/her own tempo. Unfortunately, as an instructor, we cannot force anything with this. Would you like to fasten the swimming process yourself? Ask the instructor for advice, participate with extra swimming classes, holiday courses, parent and child swimming or contact us for other questions.