View the latest news about swimmingschool Aquayara here. Important data such as examinations, swimming with clothes on, can be found in our agenda (at the top of the page). 

New! Only woman swimming lanes on Mondaymorning in Tussen de Vaarten

From the 7th of November we have started a new group for only females to swim lanes. At 09:00 for 60 minutes in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. There will be no man in the building. We have a few possibilities open. You can register through the blue button “Register” (in the right corner). You will get an invitation as soon as possible. 
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Our waiting list

We have a waiting list for swimming classes around 6 months. We are doing our best to place everybody as soon as possible. 

You can register you or your child through the blue button “Register”. Please try to be as much flexible in your dates and times as you can. The change will be bigger to find a spot for the swimming class / activity.

Swimming equipment

Advice age start swimming classes children

The advice to start with swimming classes for children is from the age of 5 years. 

We often see that children younger than 5 are too playfull and the physics are not developed enough to have good progress. 

It is possible to start with the classes from the age of 4 years. It is good to know if your child starts with the age of 4, they will probably have a slower progress than when they start with the age of 5 years.

ABC swimmingclasses from the age of 4 years

The easiest way for children to learn how to be comfortable in the water is a playful one. At Aquayara, we use fun elements to enhance our lessons. Some examples are moving like a dolphin to learn how to dive, or jumping through a pool float to become less afraid of deep water. We also focus on survival assignments like climbing on or swimming under a rubber boat. Children love attributes like the boat!

At swimming school Aquayara, we offer the Survival A-, B- or C- swimming certificate. This diploma focuses more on real situations than the regular swimming certificates. We believe that the children become better and safer swimmers due to the additional requirements of the International swimming certificate from the ENVOZ. Examples of these additional requirements are longer distances with clothing, and beginner lifesaving techniques from a young age.

As a result we offer more quality, due to the additional requirements, within the same period. You can participate in lessons at our swimming school in Lelystad.

We guarantee that children will receive their swimming certificate within 18 months of swimming education (66 swimming lessons). Read more about “diploma guarantee”.

The advantages of swimming lessons at swimming school Aquayara:

  • Small groups (A certificate: max. 9. B & C certificates: max. 12)
  • You can easily follow the progress online (Zwemscore)
  • Children are taught by the same teacher every week
  • Additional activities will be organized to advantage the learning process
  • Short waiting time: 4 – 8 weeks (direct entry after an exam to the next level or when your child is from another swimming school).
  • Diploma guarantee
  • Swimming via Jeugdsportfonds (JSF) or other subsidies
  • Possibility of a cheaper fee for children who are 4 years old
  • A very safe swimming level for the A-, B- and C certificate focused on real situations (International Survival Certificates).

More information about:

Some of our activities

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Fastcouse B or C diploma


Don’t feel like sitting by the pool for a long time? At swimming school Aquayara it is possible to take fastcourses for the A-, B- and C certificate. Click here for more information. 

Mermaid workshop

During the workshop children learn to swim like a real mermaid/neptune with a mermaid tail. Also possible to buy a gift voucher with a gift. Click on the image for more information.

Take a look at our great workshop mermaid!




After starting toddler swimming with grandma, Fleur immediately tried to get her A swimming certificate, and succeeded! Aquayara teaches with passion and humour, and our daughter enjoys the swimming lessons every week because of this.

Familie Verschuur


Our eldest son started his swimming lessons in 2011, at 4,5 years old. He started in the Muziekwijk pool, which immediately felt comfortable and familiar. Max always enjoyed his lessons with teacher Joery. Now, he is 13 years old and has the A, B, C, Advanced swimming and snorkling certificates. This has been a good start for him, because he is now a high level competition swimmer.

Our daughter, who is 11 years old now, has also received all of her certificates (9) at Aquayara. Together, they have done the mermaid and seascooter workshops. It’s very nice that those workshops are also offered here!

Our youngest son is 5 years old, and of course, he has also started his swimming lessons at Aquayara last year.

The lessons are clear, there are not too many children, and you always see a familiar face. A lot of attention is given to the children. Children have a lot of fun swimming at Aquayara, and as a parent, you can really notice.

Aquayara feels like a second home to us, which is a strong point of Aquayara. The contact with the staff is familiar, pleasant but also very professional.

The online scoring system shows the progress of our children very well. There is also a fun reward system for the children! 



Frédérique loves swimming at Aquayara. Learning the crawl, diving in deep water and using the water-bicycle are the highlights of the swimming lesson. Teacher Nick and Thijs are her favourite teachers. She really enjoys when Nick throws her in the air and she lands in the water. When she thinks about that, she immediately laughs.