Holiday courses

Every holiday!
During the holidays you can register your son/daughter for a holiday course. This course consist of 5 days in a row and the lessons last one hour. The swimming lessons are given in Almere Tussen de Vaarten and Lelystad. There are no extra swimming lessons in the location Muziekwijk, but the children who regularly swim in Muziekwijk can take the lessons in Almere Tussen de Vaarten.

Why would you attend a holiday course?
The 5 lessons after each other can faster the learning progress for your child, this applies to every level. If your child is close to swimming in level 5 (advanced swimmer) then the swimming lessons in the holiday can be just the last push for his/her diploma. He/she can then be selected (at the last lesson of that week) for examination.

If your son/daughter has trouble with 1 specific part of swimming by example: jumping in deep water, diving, crawl, swimming on the back or anything else then it is also possible to choose for private lessons during the holidays. You can choose how much lessons you want and which day.

Testswimming and examination after a holiday course
For advanced children (from level 4), there is a chance that they made such good progress that they are ready to do their A diploma examination (at the end of the week). The children who are ready will receive after the last class a note to inform you about the exam swimming. If they succeed at that, the examination is on Sunday. 

Costs holiday course:
see our page: Prices” for all actual fees

You will receive an e-mail with the possibility to register your child (a few weeks before the holiday).