Sea scooter workshop

Speed through the water like a real water animal. This cool sea scooter workshop consists of learning how to use a sea scooter in a playful way.

The sea scooter is a small waterproof motor that pushes you forward through the water. Diving glasses are recommended. During the workshop, children will learn how to do fun tricks and play cool games with their teammates.

This fun swimming activity is organized in Almere Tussen de Vaarten and can also be combined with a snorkelling course (costs are €85,00 combined). It can also be a children’s party in Almere Muziekwijk.

The duration of the workshop is 2 x 45 minutes. The costs are € 45,00. The sea scooter workshop is often organized during school holidays. Participating children must be at least 6 years old and have an A-certificate.

It is not known when the next workshop will be given due to the corona-virus. We will update this as soon as possible.

Seascooter workshop