If your child has trouble with mobility (technique), is easily distracted, very anxious or for some other reason in need of more personal attention, then a small group is a good option. The instructor can guide your child more. The duration of the lessons are 30 minutes.

Will your child progress faster in a small group?

If your child has difficulty to join the progression in a regular group, then he/she will progress faster in a smaller group. In addition, there is a smaller change that he/she will be transferred to another group because the level differs too much with the other children. If your child comes along well in a regular group, the progress will not necessarily go faster. In that case it is better to choose to swim twice a week and participate with the extra lessons or holiday courses.

Is it also possible to schedule a 1 on 1 private lesson in addition tot he regular lesson?

It is possible to schedule a private lesson in addition to the regular lesson. If your child has difficulty with a certain part, for example: fear in deep water or difficulty wilt swimming on the back, crawling, diving, it is a good option to practice 1 on 1 with a teacher. You can request 1 or more private lessons via the contact corm.

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