Snorkeling course

Learning how to snorkel in a fun and playful way… This is possible at our swimming school in Almere! Dive objects off the bottom of the swimming pool, tie a knot underwater or compete with others using your flippers. 

The snorkelling course is usually given during the school holidays and includes three lessons of 45 minutes. After the three days, children will have learned how to handle their snorkel, diving glasses, and their flippers. It’s possible to obtain a snorkelling certificate at level 1, 2 or 3. The costs are €45,00 for the lessons, the certificate costs an additional €10,00.

It is also possible to combine the snorkelling course with the sea scooter workshop (€85,00 combined). The sea scooter workshop is given on the remaining two days of the vacation.

It’s not known when the next snorkelling course will be given due to the coronavirus. We will update this as soon as possible. We hope to organize the course in the holiday of May 2021. 

snorkeling course