Swimming school Aquayara works together with Youth Fund Sports & Culture (JSF) in Almere and Lelystad. The fund offers sport opportunities to children and teenagers (5 – 18 years) from families with not enough income to participate sports or swimminglessons. For those children the fund pays the registration fee and contribution to Aquayara. It is also possible to chosse another sport in addition to the swimming lessons.

Would you like more information about the fund? View their webpage at: www.jeugdsportfonds.nl.

How it works:

  1. You want your child to learn swimming (or he/she is already started with the swimming lessons)
  2. A intermediary (example: teacher, neighborhood coach, social district team or debt counselor) submits an application online.
  3. JSF Almere or Lelystad assesses the application and sends approval to the parent and to us.
  4. After agreement , you can register your child via our webpage. If your child is already swimming with us, the contribution will stop as soon as JSF has sent approval to us.
  5. All you pay is the € 35,00 examination costs when your child attend the exame.
  6. Please note: Your child may only be absent for 5 lessons. If he/she is absent you can cancel the lessons via “zwemscore“.

If your son/daughter can not participate in the regular groups and he/she need to swim in a smaller group (max. of 4 children) there is a monthly fee of € 13,50 per month. If it is only possible for your child to take private lesson (1 on 1) then the subsidy is for 12 lessons. After the 12 lessons you can submit another application.